Here at Xenia Hospitals, we believe in going beyond the limits to perform medical miracles and save lives. To help every patient, we have blended our medical expertise with state-of-the-art infrastructure so we can deliver the best care and cure to our patients. Our advanced medical infrastructure is identified with next-gen medical equipment like-.

  • 25 invasive and non invasive monitors
  • 8 Ventilators
  • 6 Defibrillators
  • 5 ECG machines
  • 3 Ultra modern OT with lamellar air flow which will enable us to do various transplants
  • 3 Datex Ohmedas
  • High definition karlstrohs Laparoscopic set Arthroscopic set
  • High end logic P6 ultra sound
  • High Speed GE CT Scan (16 Slice)
  • Full-fledged Ophthalmology Equipment
  • Digital X-ray
  • ADVANCED life support system
  • Upper & Lower GI endoscopes etc..
  • High frequency c-arm
  • NCV machine
  • EEG
  • TMT
  • Well equipped lab
  • Affiniti 50G Philips colour Doppler and 2D Echo
  • 10 Beds Ultra model Casuality
  • 20 monitors

Why choose
Xenia Hospitals?

Our patients are our priority; this mindset is embedded in the DNA of Xenia Hospitals. Right from patient admission to discharge, during treatment, appointment booking, release procedure, we strive to provide a stress-free experience to all.

Our Appraoch

‘Our patients are our priority’ this mindset is embedded in our DNA.

Modern Infrastructure

Technologically progressive infrastructure for accurate diagnosis and and faster treatment.

Efficient Team

Efficient and exceptional coordination among the departments helps to deliver a seamless experience to the patients.


We strive to make medical consultation affordable to you, without any hidden costs.

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