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Welcome to Xenia Hospital

Xenia Hospitals has gradually become one of the best centres for medical care and treatment. With its proficient, empathetic and qualified team of medical professionals, Xenia is acclaimed as the safest and the most dependable destination for all healthcare needs. The goal to provide world-class medical assistance without making it heavy on the pockets, supported by the team's religious commitment to make it achievable has made all the difference. Xenia Hospitals now extends a wide range of round the clock services - diagnostics, critical care services, mother and child care, surgical care along with emergency provisions like OP and IP services at very affordable packages. The hospital also has notable assistance in cashless services for patients with medical insurance from corporates or otherwise.

NABH Accreditation

Xenia Hospitals has been awarded a Certificate of Accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), an endorsement of our quality healthcare, International Protocols, and Standards of Healthcare.

NABH accreditation is the highest benchmark standard for hospital quality in India. It provides a framework for quality assurance and improvement for hospitals.

Xenia continues to be committed to patient care and safety through established standards. We further strive to keep improving the quality of healthcare and provide best-in-class services and care to our patients.

NABH Quality

The salient features that make these five floored multi-storeyed and multi-speciality hospitals talk of the town are -


  • 100 beds, where 20 beds are reserved for intensive critical care unit
  • An emergency room for casualty purposes with 5 beds
  • A 40 bedded general ward for both male and female
  • A dialysis unit consisting of 4 beds
  • A labour room of 4 beds
  • 4 two-bedded rooms
  • 3 three-bedded rooms
  • 10 single-bedded rooms
  • 2 beds in isolation rooms for treating cases like pulmonary Koch's, burns, retroviral cases, etc.
  • 10 chambers for OP consultation
  • 16 slices of CT scan
  • Other services like ultrasonography, mammography, digital X-ray, ECG, EEG, NCS, 2D echo with Doppler study, modular theatres with laminar airflow, etc.
  • 2 advanced-mechanised lifts with a backup generator.

With the guidance and vision of Dr Chaitanya Reddy and the consistent effort and dedication of every person contributing to the functioning of the hospital, Xenia Hospitals aspires to make a distinct contribution to the healthcare industry

Chairman's Message


We at Xenia hospitals work with the primary goal to reshape the health and healthcare industry by delivering the finest patient-centred care and treatment for our patients.

Irrespective of economic background, over the years Xenia Hospitals has treated and cured several patients with its affordable yet acclaimed treatment packages. Starting as a destination for patients who were turned away by huge corporate hospitals, patients who couldn't afford the super expensive treatment packages, we have come a long way with compassion, commitment and care. Medicine is a noble profession and medical care should be accessible and affordable to all.

Together, with the drive to make this a reality, we bring state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and a completely integrated and holistic medical care centre.

Our hospital has been serving and running with tireless efforts of our supremely efficient and dedicated team of medical professionals and the incredible support of all the support staff.

As we look ahead to the years to come, we, at Xenia Hospitals, are consistently devoted to the purpose of facilitating care and cure to protect the health and well-being of every individual walking in through our open doors. We hope to discover and rediscover newer and better ways to deliver a cherishable and non-regrettable experience to our patient’s.


Shri Subramanyam - Chairman

Shri K.Narsimha Prasad - CEO

Our Vision

Xenia’s vision is focused on delivering affordable, wholesome treatment to patients with the intervention of next-gen technological equipment and highly equipped infrastructure. The USP lies in the availability of a broad spectrum of top-notch treatments and diagnoses under one roof.

Xenia Hospitals Vision

Our Mission

The predominant agenda of Xenia Hospitals is to provide top-notch patient care at an affordable price and to uphold the ethics of medical service for the benefit of humanity.

Xenia Hospitals Mission

Our Values

Our pillars of values are erected on TRUST, GENEROSITY and INTEGRITY.

  • Prioritise patient’s comfort
  • Commitment towards steady recovery
  • Quick access to devoted professionals
  • Empathise with patients and their family
  • Develop mutual trust with strong teamwork
  • Treating with equal respect and undivided attention to people of all sections
Xenia Hospitals Values
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