Xenia hospitals intend to provide all kinds of services round the clock which include emergency services OP and IP services, critical care services, diagnostics, all surgical specialties, mother and childcare.

Our hospital has completed a decade in the health care industry in treating all kinds of diseases with qualified, experienced specialists round the clock, and providing cashless services for all insurance and corporate companies.

Xenia Hospitals consists of five floors, with 100 beds in which an intensive critical care unit of 20 beds. Five bedded emergency room (Casualty). 40 bedded General Ward (Male & Female). 4 bedded Dialysis Unit. 4 bedded Labor room. 3 Triple Sharing rooms, 4 twin sharing rooms, 10 single rooms, isolation rooms-2 beds (for treating cases like burns, retroviral cases, pulmonary Koch’s, etc), 10 OP Consultation chambers. We equipped with CT Scan (16 slices), mammography, Ultrasonography, 2D echo with Doppler study, modular theatres with laminar airflow, Digital X-ray, ECG, EEG, NCS, etc. Most of the premises covered by centrally air-conditioned, for patient convenience 2 ultra-modern lifts with a backup generator.

To get good health services people from nearby areas have to travel to distant places. We at Xenia intend to provide all these services in a neighboring area.

To provide quality health care at affordable price.

To lead the evolution of health care, to enable every member of community. We serve to enjoy a better and healthier life.



1. Compassion

2. Working Together

3. A Commitment to Quality

4. Respect for the Individual